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Thread: Travel from Firenze(Florence) to Cinque Terre

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    Default Travel from Firenze(Florence) to Cinque Terre

    Hello I'm looking to travel with a friend to Cinque Terre from Florence. idealy i would want to go right after my last class(I'm a foreign exchange student) but it does not get out till 7:00 on a Thursday. I was wondering if it is possible before I book a Hostel to get to Cinque Terre from Santa Maria Novella or if my departure time would limit me and leave me stranded before I arrived at my destination.

    Ideal situation

    Leave class Thursday March 15th at 7:00
    Board a train at 7:20 from S.M.N to ??
    from ??? arrive at C5 before midnight.

    The reason I get there by Thursday is that room rates are half price if you don't stay on the weekends.

    If someone could send me a link with train times or even better help me by giving me route options to get there I would be so grateful. i'm trying to plan a spring break on a budget and am wondering if this is possible or not.

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    Default Re: Travel from Firenze(Florence) to Cinque Terre

    Here we go..

    Orari e acquisto - Trenitalia

    Alternatively, if you can get a group of friends together (8 or so) you might be able to do it a little cheaper by arranging a small group tour with www.slow-days.com.

    Staying a night in Cinque terre is always going to cost something. A single day trip is possible, if a bit of a long day. Enjoy it!

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    Default Re: Travel from Firenze(Florence) to Cinque Terre

    Dear Julian,

    I’m glad to say that it won’t be so difficult to plan your holiday as you’re thinking.

    I don’t know if you already know the Cinque Terre but as the name says they are five towns:
    Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore. If you don’t have any preference, I would suggest you stay in Monterosso because it has a long sand beach and board walk along the town - it’s also the one with more nightlife and young people. Otherwise, if your goal is to spend a more relaxing holiday, I would advice you to go to the more quiet Riomaggiore where you’ll find the start to the coastal hiking path. Here the first part is called the “Way of Love”, a pretty flat and easy to do section of the walking path along the coast, from which you can admire a gorgeous landscape. Aside from the hiking path, you can also use the train to move between all five of the villages - trains are cheap and pass often.

    I checked the train schedules from Firenze Santa Maria Novella to Monterosso on Trenitalia - HomePage and there is one that would be perfect for you: it departs at 20:20 and arrives at 23:34. Check on Trenitalia to see more complete schedules.
    If you don’t have any idea of where to sleep I would recommend you have a look here: Monterosso al Mare Accommodation.
    On the other hand, Riomaggiore might be slightly easier on your budget so also check out the accommodations there.
    Enjoy your holiday in the beautiful Cinque Terre!

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