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Thread: Buses from Pietrasanta to Massa and Carrara to Pisa

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    Default Buses from Pietrasanta to Massa and Carrara to Pisa

    I'm going to Tuscany this Friday (Aug 10) for a few days in the hills and mountains and have to admit I am struggling a wee bit to find the correct travel information. I worked out how to get from Pisa Airport to Pietrasanta alright, but from then on it becomes more difficult, at least for a non-Italian speaker. What I am looking for is a way to get from Pietrasanta to Massa by bus (is there a timetable for such a route anywhere) and then from Carrara to Pisa Airport (I suppose I have to travel by way of Pietrasanta, so the correct question would perhaps be how to get from Carrara to Pietrasanta). Sorry for troubling you with these perhaps trivial question, but being as the bus company sites seem to be all in Italian I have really no clue where to look for these rather local bus routes. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Buses from Pietrasanta to Massa and Carrara to Pisa

    Hi Sundet,

    I looked for info you requested, and this is what I found:

    Pietrasanta - Massa

    Go on the website: http://www.vaibus.it/ , click on Orari e Tariffe, then under the word Lucca, click on Libretto orari, it will open a pdf, scroll it up to page 92 and here is the schedule from Massa to Pietrasanta

    Orario feriale= Operating hours
    Orario festivo= Holiday hours

    Massa to Carrara

    Go on the website: http://www.atnsrl.it/orari.php?idzona=2

    Click on: [Linea 63] Cinquale - M.na di Massa- M.na di Carrara, you will see the schedules of the buses which go from Marina di Massa to Marina di Carrara.

    Carrara - Pietrasanta

    There aren't direct buses which go from Carrara to Massa, or at least I didn't find them. So you need to do the same way but in the opposite direction: Marina di Carrara - Marina di Massa then Massa - Pietrasanta.

    I think you don't have to be worry about the buses schedules, you can ask when you are in Pietrasanta and will sure find the best way to get where you desire.

    I would suggest you also to have a look on train schedules, there are many railway lines which ride down ways you need.

    Here is the official website where to check the trains:

    Hope it could be useful! Have a nice time in Tuscany!

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    Default you can use train from Pisa airport to Massa and back

    Ciao Sundet,

    You can get all the way to Massa from Pisa airport by train, as well as from Carrara back to Pisa airport, without the need to change and use bus.
    Just plug in all these destinations into the search function of the train timetables on
    to see the schedules. So this might be easier overall for you - check the timetables and see which one works best!
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