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Thread: Getting from Rome to Siena & return

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    Default Getting from Rome to Siena & return

    I'm looking for advice on taking the bus from Rome to Siena in April, 2010. Does anyone have any advice on which bus (or busline) is best? Fees?

    I'm also looking for a tour guide to help us visit local towns (Volterra). We're visiting Italy for the first time to enjoy the architecture, food and wineries.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default bus from Rome to Siena

    ciao Canada!

    For the bus you'll definitely want to look into Sena - http://www.sena.it
    Right now the cost is 5 euros but not sure for April 2010 - it is so far ahead schedules aren't yet available. Keep it in your bookmarks so that you can go back to it once you're closer to the date.

    For the tour part, are you looking for private tours, a private guide or group tours? Just to know better what you're interested in so that we can recommend a group or someone based on what you're thinking of doing.
    Let us know!

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    Smile Bus from Rome to Siena

    Thank you Lourdes!

    Because we won't have a car, I was thinking the best way to see Tuscany (Montalcino, Volterra, Pienza, etc.) was to hire a tour operator or a local who wouldn't mind showing us around. We are particularly interested in "off the beaten path" type tours. We're coming to Italy to "become Italian" for 10 days. We're interested in the beautiful architecture, the Estruscan ruins, cuisine, the countryside and of course, the wine!

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