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Thread: 12 nights (only night) in Tuscany- Urgent advice

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    Default 12 nights (only night) in Tuscany- Urgent advice

    Iam travelling to Pisa to participate in course at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna for 12 days. I will arrive to Rome on morning of 2nd of march, I need to be in Pisa in the second day as the course will start on the 4th of march. The course is so tight as there is no weekend and we finished daily on 07:00 PM. The course will finish on 16th of March (included) and I need to fly from Rome at night of 18th (or possibly 19th ) of March.
    I like to visit historic and art attractions and Places I need to visits: Rome, Pisa, Venice and Florence . So What is the best plan I could visit in these historic cities within available time for me, specially at the 12-13 nights that I will have in Pisa. I think I could take one day off from the course if it will help a lot in visiting the places with Tuscany. I hear I need to make reservation well in advance for most attracted places like leaning tower and so on. What your advice for Rome visit, either to use the day of my arrival or the day before my departure?

    Thanks for your urgent advice
    Dr Hasanain/Iraq

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    Default Re: 12 nights (only night) in Tuscany- Urgent advice

    Hello Iraqi, how was your tour and how did you manage all the schedule and visited which places? Do share pictures of your visit too.

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