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Thread: From San Gimigniano to Florence

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    Default From San Gimigniano to Florence

    Im sorry, may be this question Рas already been discussed, but ive missed it
    We are planning to visit Sienaand San Gimigniano and come back to Florence in one day. Is it real?
    From SG back to Florence: I can take the same bus 130/a?

    Thank you so much!

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    Default change bus in Poggibonsi

    Not a problem! You can get more info here: http://www.discovertuscany.com/san-g...gimignano.html
    but essentially you catch the bus back to Poggibonsi and change buses there to head to Florence. So the 130 is the first bus that often continues on to Siena, not Florence, that is why you need to change in Poggibonsi.

    As for both San Gimignano and Siena in the same day, it can be done but you won't be seeing too much in Siena. I really think you need a whole day in Siena, to visit at least the cathedral there and the Palazzo Pubblico.... but if you want to try both on the same day, go from Florence to Siena first, then to San Gimignano and then back to Florence.
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