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Thread: Please help!!From Pisa airport to Radda In Chianti

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    Default Please help!!From Pisa airport to Radda In Chianti

    Hello, I am staying in Radda In Chianti for a weeks cycling in July. Flying into Pisa, what the best or cheapest way you'd recommend getting to Radda? Train to Florence and change? Train to Siena and change? What's the nearest train station to Radda? Bus? Hire a car at Pisa airport would obviously be the easiest but also the most expensive! I will be carrying my bike in a big bikebox! Thanks any help would be much appreciated!

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    Ciao Bunac,

    You don't mention what day you arrive - hope it isn't a Sunday! That will limit your options as far as "cheapest".

    Take a look on this page on Radda - it has all the bus schedules on the bottom of buses that reach Radda both from Siena and from Florence:

    Depending on when you arrive, you'll have to see which one is better/only solution/easiest.

    Just know this - you can carry bikes on trains (you have to pay a small surcharge), but not sure whether they'll let you get on if it is still in the box. Not all trains are equipped for bikes either, so check the trenitalia.com website and each train to see the icons on whether bikes are allowed on that one.

    How much luggage will you have as well? Consider if you have to go through Siena, you'll have to change trains in Empoli so it isn't great to have that extra train change.....
    so in terms of convenience, you might end up wanting to rent that car after all. How about searching for a car with driver, that can just take you and drop you off/pick you up for the return trip? that's another possibility. Contact the place where you're staying at, they might know someone local who does this service.

    Good luck and enjoy the roads in Chianti, they are wonderful!
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