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    I booked an Automatic car for a day ( 8 AM to 7 Pm) to explore Tuscany villages around Florence.
    Pick up is from VIA BORGO OGNISSANTI 137/R and dropping off there as well.

    Just want to check how difficult it is to get car out from there to villages outside florence. I heard about some restrictions while driving in Florence. Will it be tough for me to drive car out of this location to Tuscany village ?

    Any information will be of great help. We are a family of 3 including my 3 year old daughter and want to spend a relaxing day exploring these villages you suggested around Florence.


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    Hi 'FirstTimeInItaly' !!
    Yes, moving around Florence by car is a bit complicated, since the old city center is a 'Unesco World Heritage Site' and thus protected from traffic. You've maybe heard about the ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato - Restricted Traffic Area), where you're not allowed to enter with a car. Have a look at this article about driving in Florence, there are a lot of useful information about this subject, included a map of the ZTL area: http://www.visitflorence.com/moving-...ce/by-car.html

    In a few words, you've mainly to pay attention to the ZTL restricted areas, otherwise you'll get a fine for sure... Ask the car rental office for the best way to get out from Florence and have a look at this article on car rental in Florence, including a map with all rental offices in the city:

    Hope this may help :-)

    Have a nice stay here in Tuscany


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