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Thread: Florence to Barga by bus

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    Cool Florence to Barga by bus

    Dear all

    Two adults including myself will be leaving Florence by bus to Barga, via Lucca (I believe we have to change bus)... on the 27th of August

    Please tell me
    a) where best to buy the ticket ALL THE way to Barga? We can do this in Florence at a ticket office?

    OR do we have to buy two tickets - one from Florence to Lucca and one from Lucca to Barga?
    IF two tickets, can we buy them both in Florence?

    b) how much should it cost if buying tickets two days in advance?

    c) what website can I see times and prices of these buses - http://www.trenitalia.com/ does not give me any results!

    Thank you so much!

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    Ciao Jane,

    Here I am! First, the Trenitalia website is only for trains and it shows buses only when they are used as a substitute for trains during special hours or for work along the rail lines. The bus service for Lucca is managed by Vai Bus - here's the site: http://www.vaibus.com/
    It is unfortunately only in Italian.

    The best way to get to Barga from Florence will be with a combination of bus and train, not solely bus...
    here are the bus schedules for service out of Lucca:
    You can see times on pg 30 from Florence to Lucca and pg 70 from Lucca to Barga.

    The BETTER way to search for best times is to just use Google Maps and search for solutions by public transport. In this case, Google has integrated the schedules from VAI bus and Trenitalia so it gives you solutions that combine both, to get you there "faster" relatively speaking. The trip will still take around 3 hours. Can you see the map following this link?

    You can buy tickets in Florence at the station on
    L.go F.lli Alinari, 9, the office is open in August from 7.00am to 7.25pm. Cost depends on km so it won't change no matter when you buy them.
    As all of these are regional trains/buses, you can also just buy tickets right before you plan to board as well (you can buy tickets on the bus but they cost more). The important thing is to remember to stamp your ticket before you get on either the train or right as you get on the bus so that the date and time are marked on them, making them valid. If you're caught with a non-stamped ticket, you will be fined.

    About BARGA - the train and bus generally take you to the train station otuside of town then there is a bus to the town, is that where you need to be? Or to a hotel/villa out in the countryside?
    I've been to Barga, if you're not staying in the town you'll also have to figure out to how to get to where you're really heading to..... the whole area around Barga is better explored with your own means of transportation (as you'll see from the bus and train schedules).
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