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Thread: Well this is embarrassing...

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    Default Well this is embarrassing...

    I misspelled Certaldo. With the correct spelling I see that Trenitalia does indeed list this station. So never mind the first part of my question in the previous post. I'm still curious what town you would recommend for a 6-day stay for someone who loves art, architecture, long walks, and practicing speaking with the locals.
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    you could consider staying in the countryside around Siena so that you could combine art, architecture and nature. The little village of Sovicille is located at only 13 kms from Siena, there are wonderful itineraries around Sovicille (have a look at them: www.prolocosovicille.it). For art and architecture you could easily reach Siena and from Siena there are good bus connections to the other important towns of our region.
    If you need other information, get in touch, we'll be happy to help you!

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