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Thread: Travelling with 2 kids

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    Default Travelling with 2 kids

    Hi my husband and I Are coming to tuscany in April 2010 with our children ages 5 and 9 we were going to rent a car as we are coming from Rome but having read that parking is quite difficult I'm not that sure if we should or should we travel by trains?
    Secondly I would like which part do you advise foe us with 2 kids and I also would like a place where there are good restaurants as my husband likes to come to Italy for the good food.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Travelling in Tuscany with 2 children

    Dear Pilly,

    In order to give you the best answer possible, I need more details about your trip.

    Where are you planning to stay? In Florence's city center or outside the main historical center?
    Parking in Florence's historical city center can be a real challenge, as well as expensive. On the other hand, if you intend to stay outside the city center or outside Florence you won't have to worry about parking so a car should not be a problem.

    Knowing where you plan to stay, it will be easier to recommend restaurants and other places for finding good food.

    Also, how many days will your family be staying in Tuscany or Florence?

    I'll wait for your reply to give you some suggestions
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