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Thread: Tuscan Countryside- Car Hire question??

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    Cool Tuscan Countryside- Car Hire question??

    (Apologies if this has already been discussed in some shape, way or form)

    Hey all,

    I am wondering if you can help.

    My partner and I are travelling all over Europe this summer and are spending a whooping 36 nights in Italy! Yay! Could anyone give advice on the following in regards to car hire, car pick up location and suggested plans:

    Florence (3 nights) no car just discovering the city and going to nearby easy access towns by train
    Tuscan Countryside (5 nights) with car and staying in Chianti region to explore towns

    There are no flights involved in our Italy trip so we are assuming we can't pick up cars from airports or it will be inconvenient to do so.

    My questions are:
    After our 3 days exploring Florence by foot and trains, where is the best place to pick up a car to hit the countryside?
    After the countryside we are heading to Rome, we are unsure whether it is worth taking the car back to Florence area to drop off to save money OR drive to Rome and drop it there.
    We are on a budget as we are backpacking so if it is more expensive to drop off in Rome we will drop it back in Florence.
    Where we are staying is likely to be between Florence and Sienna and we do not mind driving the car back but don't want to miss a trick here and lose money!
    Is it just easier to drop the car back where we got it or to Rome?

    Thanks so much in advance

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    Default 38 lovely days in Italy


    By the end of 38 days you guys will be speaking fluent Italian :-D

    You can check this link out for picking up a car in Florence.

    Two questions: will you be spending time in Rome and where do you fly out of Italy?
    Hopefully with that info I can give you a bit more info on a car rental.

    Buon viaggio.

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