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Thread: ZTL outside Florence historical center

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    Default ZTL outside Florence historical center

    Hi all,

    I just arrived in Florence yesterday by car (private, not rented) and I had accommodation near Rifredi station, with private parking.

    I came from the autostrada from Bologna and I didn't plan to use the car in Florence, but to use it to go to Pisa and other places maybe.

    Now, this is all well outside the city center and should be outside the ZTL zone.

    However, on my way to Rifredi I saw several signs which confused me, one said ztl and the other one was also some kind of restriction (white circle with red border), with a lot of text under it. We asked some Italians and they said to go through.

    One sign was on Viale XI Agosto, and the other one was on Via Sestese (images):

    Does anyone know what these signs are and if I should be worried? I booked accommodation with private parking and outside the centre just so I wouldn't have to worry about this, but now I am a bit worried :-)
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    Ciao Grayson and welcome to Florence!

    Don't worry, you should be fine where you are!!

    Those signs that say you've entered Florence city limits speak of the existence of the ZTL area and the hours, they are informational - but glad you noticed that red circle symbol because that is what you'll see at any ZTL area here in Tuscany. So if you see that below a city name as you enter the city, it means it has one. Many small villages do - but sometimes quite small and right in the "historical" center, sometimes, just 3-4 streets. Most parking is outside those areas, so if you want to stop, follow the "P" parking signs and you should be okay.

    Own recent personal experience: there is a small ZTL area in Sesto Fiorentino, too, right in the historical center. When you're driving, you freak out because my GPS had be going there.... but I stopped, the sign says it is "active" only from Saturdays to Mondays (it was a Tuesday)! So the info below is useful but hard to read when you are driving. You have to stop and read it, easier to do when there is traffic and you're moving slow.
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