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Thread: Small towns of Tuscany

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    Default Small towns of Tuscany

    Planning to visit Florence in Sept-Oct. Apart from Florence I’d like to visit any small town nearby, which remains largely unchanged. I’m a photographer, particularly fascinated to old buildings, narrow alleys, archways, flea-markets etc. Could you please suggest one or two?

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    Default small towns

    Buongiorno -

    two of my favorite places would include Montefioralle & Poppi - both are in two different directions but pretty much untouched and good photo material.

    Both of these places can be found in a "club" of the prettiest little towns of Italy - which has a list of requirements in order to belong, one of which being pretty much untouched by "modern" wires, signs, etc.

    Check out this site for other similar towns:


    There are several close to Florence and all of them are truly worth a visit.

    Buon Viaggio.

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    Default small unchanged villages

    I can give you some advises of small little places that are not very well known but very beautiful and unique:

    - TORRI (province of Siena, close to Sovicille) little medieval town with wonderful cloister. The cloister is private and it is not easy to see it. If you will visit this nice place on Monday or Friday morning, form 9.00 to 12.00, you'll have the opportunity to see the cloister.

    - MONTERIGGIONI (province of Siena, small medieval town that is still entirely walled in ...)

    If you want to see something really special than you should not miss the Abbey of San Galgano (between Monticiano and Chiusdino, province of Siena) Close to the Abbey of San Galgano there is a little chapel with the sword in the stone ...

    for other information; info@prolocosovicille.it

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