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Thread: Staying near San Donato Collina

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    Default Staying near San Donato Collina

    We will be guests at a villa near San Donato Collina July 11-17.
    We will not be renting a car and need to know the best way to get back and forth to Florence. The closest train station is Rignano Sull'Arno. Are there usually taxis at train stations to get back and forth locally? What about bus service to Florence? Thanks.

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    There usually is taxi service in smaller towns, but not at all times. It is often a local licensed driver who is available on call.

    I would suggest you contact the villa where you are staying at and ask them about the closest bus stop to them.... San Donato in Collina should have a bus passing through between Florence and Rignano or Figline, so you can use that when you are here. Ask about the bus number so you can get timetables ahead of time and at least know how mobile you'll be/have to plan around those schedules. Considering it will be the middle of July, service might be early mornings, late afternoons.

    Ask them about taxi from Rignano - they might already have the number available of the local driver. Or ask if they can go pick up on arrival, many do offer as an extra service and it is generally the most convenient.
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    Default The train in Rignano


    You should enquire to the owner about public transport as Lourdes had suggested. I live fairly close to the area you are staying in and though it is true the train station is in Rignano there are several ATAF buses that run to Bagno a Ripoli and the go to Florence from there (about hour). However I don't how close these buses will be running to your accommodations.

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    Default Thanks!

    We appreciate the bus/train info. Looking forward to our visit!

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