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Thread: Trip to Tuscany but what first and with car ?

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    Question Trip to Tuscany but what first and with car ?


    I'll be visiting Italy in september and had some questions.

    First would you recommend arriving at Pisa or Florence airport and from there would you hire a car or take a taxi and hire a car in Florence or from there take public transport(Florence is my major destination so..)
    I also like to visit Vinci and go visit and taste a lot of wine areas :-)
    after that like to drive or walk the nice tuscan landroads

    After there i'm thinking about moving to Sienna or san gimignano not decided yet where to stay

    In the major cities would you always recommend taking a tour and a guide or is it nice to disover many things yourself ? I'm into art and history so..

    At last but not least should i be scared about driving around in Tuscany for making accidents or things on the calm, nice landroads or is it okay for driving and parking ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Flying into Tuscany


    If you can fly into Florence, and if this is your primary destination then I strongly suggest you do so. You can grap a taxi to the city center (25 Euro) and then possibly enjoy a few days without a car roaming the cobble stone alley ways and visiting the museums.

    There are several excellent tours you can do in a group which might be ideal for seeing the big cities like Siena, Pisa and sometime its is just more fun to go wine tasting with others.

    However if you are the type of person who likes a bit of "alone" time then you could program picking up the car for a day or two and travel down into Chianti and as far as Montalcino to explore the countryside, picture perfect photo opportunities and small towns. I would even suggest looking for at least one or two nights sleeping outside of Florence so you get the full experience. Have a look at this B&B in San Gimignano

    Buon Viaggio

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    Thank you very much ! :-)
    Helps me a lot !

    Yes i will do some tours in group i think and also alone.
    For the rest i'll follow your tip and stay a few days in San Gimignano and visit Montalcino.

    After all this i'll head back north and maybe still visit Vinci (Leonardo's home), cause i don't find any tours about

    Again many thanks for the help and quick response.
    I see you help everyone as fast as you can here how you do it haha.
    If ever can do anything, small donation or something for here, just ask !

    i'll be glad to


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