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Thread: Advice on Route/Wineries/Villages Please

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    Default Advice on Route/Wineries/Villages Please

    Hello! We are traveling through Italy with a driving trip through Tuscany as follows:

    1. Picking up car at Peretola Airport Florence and driving to Radda in Chianti - staying overnight (Friday)
    2. Next day, driving to Montepulciano, staying the night (Saturday)
    3. Next day, driving to San Gimignano, staying the night (Sunday)
    4. Next day, dropping car to Peretola Airport, staying the night in Florence (Monday)

    1. What wineries are best to stop at along this route for wine tastings/lunch? (Overnight stays have been booked and dinners are included in stops 1 and 3 after 8:00pm.)
    2. Does anyone have experience with Gluten Free food at wine tastings? (due to Celiac disease - NOT a choice darnitall)
    3. What villages are best along this route? Wanting to stick to SS 222, although doesn't show up on viamichelin map. Aside from wineries, we would like to stop and visit some villages.
    4. Thinking of hiring a car/driver (Justintuscany.com) from Montepulciano on the Saturday to other wineries/villages not on our route so my husband can partake more freely in the wine tastings! Thoughts?


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    Default Three Days in Tuscany


    The driver idea sounds like the perfect way to really relax for both of you. It's probably a good thing you don't have a dinner planned that night because with all the wine tasting...and surely a fancy lunch you probably will not be hungry - except for a Gelato, and everyone is always hungry for gelato.

    If you are getting in early the first day, when you pick up your car you can try visiting these two place before you go all the way out to Radda. They are very close to the SR222, you actually will pick it up as it starts to go into the more picturesque part of the road.

    The first place is barely outside of Florence - not very well known and most probably requires an appointment. But in my opinion well worth (if not for the wines ha!) for the views and to experience a Medicea villa. http://www.medicivilla.com/

    This place is after the first, but in the same area, and along the way to Radda

    Have fun!

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