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Thread: Getting to and from San Gimignano

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    My husband and I are departing next week for our Honeymoon! I've been able to arrange most transport myself but I'm a bit stuck finding the best possible way for us to get in and out of San Gimignano. We will not be driving, only travelling by train/buses. We will be coming in from Cinque Terre to San Gimignano, staying 3 nights and then departing from San Gimignano to Naples.

    The best route I've found going in is a lengthy one, we'll be taking trains from La Spezia-Empoli-Poggibonsi and then it looks like almost a 2hr wait for the bus in to SG (we'll arrive Poggibonsi at 4.15pm, next bus isn't until around 6pm). Instead of waiting this long for the bus, are there taxis that would take us in, without breaking the bank? Do you know how much something like this would cost? Or could you suggest a better route to take? Is there only one bus operator that runs this route? (I've been searching on tiemmespa.it).

    Similarly, departing SG we'll be bussing to Poggibonsi, and it looks like these services are not very frequent so it means another 1hr wait in Poggibonsi before we can get our train. Our train is then Poggibonsi-Florence-Naples. This was the best connecting trains that Trenitalia have offered when I search. Would you suggest heading in to Siena instead of going up to Florence?

    Thanks for your time - I look forward to hearing from you!


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    What day do you travel from La Spezia?
    I am seeing on here on page 2
    buses from Poggibonsi to SG at
    17.05 (doesn't run on Saturdays), 18.05 (runs on Saturdays), 18.10 (doesn't run on Saturdays), 18.25 (arriving at 4.15 you just miss the 16.05 bus by 10 minutes).
    There are taxis that will take you to SG - approximate cost that I found is around 20 euro each way if you don't want to wait the 45 min.

    As for heading to Naples, I think the best (and fastest) trains are from Florence to Naples so I would recommend heading to Florence and not through Siena -- connections through Siena take you to Chiusi, which can make the trip about 2 hours longer.
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