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Thread: Ways to reach Querceto di Castellina

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    Default Ways to reach Querceto di Castellina

    We have planned a stay at Querceto di Castellina, near Castellina in Chianti and would like to know ways to reach there from Florence Train Station. I understand that renting a car is a good option but I do not want to drive. Are taxis easily available in Florence to take me to my destination? I also need to plan my return journey from Querceto to Florence and I suspect there are no taxis in Castellina in Chianti- the nearest town to Querceto. Are taxis available on call for me to travel back to Florence? Is there a good bus- taxi combination for me to consider? I would appreciate guidance and advice. Thank you.

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    Default Getting to Querceto from Florence


    The furthest south you can get with public transport into Chianti is Panzano (line 365 http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf)

    You could take the public transport to the last stop and try to arrange a taxi IN ADVANCE - like before you leave - (which in this area would really be an NCC - car with driver) to pick you up...but from Panzano to the agritourism it is only 8 km and it might not be worth it for the driver, they might not be available.

    I actually spoke with the agritourism to be sure this was possible - but they were pretty clear that you really do need a car to get around. The closest town is 6km (castellina in Chianti) and even to do some shopping or go out for a meal, if you don't have a car you are a bit stranded.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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