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    I am planning a trip to Tuscany for October 2016. My husband and I would like to spend a day in Pisa/Florence and then go to Cinque Terre to walk the five cities (weather permitting) and stay the night in Vernazza. Our luggage becomes an issue with this plan. Is it true that you can deposit luggage (for a fee) at either the Pisa Centrale or La Spezia train stations? I found a website that said this is the case, but I can't verify on the trenitalia website. Thank you!!

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    Wait, what? You're dedicating 1 day to Florence and Pisa? That is just not enough time to see all you need to see in each place. But not knowing your plans before and after.... I'll comment more later ;-).

    Aside from that, yes, you can deposit luggage in Pisa Centrale (not sure about La Spezia) and pay per hour it is kept. If you're making your way up to the Cinque Terre and stay a night in Vernazza, where are you headed afterwards? If back to Tuscany, it would make sense to leave part of your luggage behind but it does force you to go back through Pisa to get pick it up.

    Otherwise, I would take my luggage with me all the way to Vernazza, check in at your place for the night so leaving your luggage there and then head out to hike with only what you need for the day hike. This way you are also not carrying all day what you need for the overnight stay. We did the hike from the north and got to Corniglia, got soaked in a spring afternoon downpour, our B&B was in Manarola so when we go there to check in most of our stuff was humid at best. We did the last town, Riomaggiore, that evening as we headed to dinner there ;-) So it is doable in the opposite direction.

    Aside from weather, you will also have to check the state of the trails by October - they get cleaned up as best as they can for the high season (which October is not) but by October if there is rainfall and landslides, they might be closed. So maintain a high degree of flexibility as far as hiking at CT goes. There is always the train that connects them.

    Another option: if you're staying in Florence before and heading back through Florence after your stay in Vernazza, why not see if your hotel or B&B will keep your luggage for the time you are away? They often have closets where they keep luggage for guests who check out in the morning but are planning to be in Florence for a few more hours.... so it is something you can also look into.
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    Default Hiking CT in October


    I wouldn't want to disuade you from visiting CT - it is beautiful however, Lourdes does have a point about October and needing to be a little more flexible with your schedule. All you need is a bit of rain and the trails will either be closed or poor for hiking.

    You could look into doing a tour which includes visiting CT - this way even if the weather is not the best you can still visit the area - and not need to worry about your luggage.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

    PS if the weather is bad - you could dedicate another day to Florence, which truly merits a bit more time :-)

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