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    Hello, we are planning to drive from Rome though Tuscany, not sure of exactly where yet. We do know that we are departing from FLR airport early (730am) on our last day. Any recommendations on where to stay in Florence on that last night so we can get up early and get to the airport? Originally, I thought to stay at a hotel to the north, near the airport. Then I noticed I buses go to the airport, beginning at 5am, near the train station, so I thought to stay near where they originate. Right now we plan to ditch the car at the Airport Hertz the night before we leave. Any other ideas to get out of Florence to the airport early would be helpful. Thanks!


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    The good thing about a flight at 7,30 in the morning - is the traffic is pratically non-exsistant to get to the airport...

    Personally, if this is your last night in Florence - and knowing that traffic is not going to be a hassel WHERE EVER you stay in Florence then I would pick something more in the city center so you can walk around and enjoy the flavour of the city as late as you want the night before.

    Hotel de la Ville is in a great position, just outside your door is everything - and it is still pretty close to the train station where you would pick up the bus for the airport. However a taxi ride shouldn't cost you more than 25 - 30 Euros, if you want the comfort of not having to drag your luggage over the (sometimes) picturesque cobble stones at 6 in the morning.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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