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Thread: Ferry and boat taxis around Cinque Terre

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    Default Ferry and boat taxis around Cinque Terre

    Hi, would love some advice on getting around Cinque Terre. We are cycling from Florence to Nice this July and are in the process of trying to decide the route and where to stop along the way. We can't get on a train (or car, bus etc.) because we are a family travelling on a triplet (a tandem bike for 3) and we simply don't fit anywhere. Riding the roads around Cinque Terre don't seem like the best idea but I understand there are ferries and water taxis? Do you have any advice/info on those? I am trying to figure out if we can put the bike on a ferry and navigate the area by water (and then come back the next day by train/bus etc. to wander around a town or two).
    Any advice on this would be much appreciated!

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    Default Boat Taxi at CT


    My one (and only) experience of a boat taxi ride in CT was a boat with garden chairs nailed to the deck (I know that sounds just awful - and it was a few years back - so I am sure they have improved). But my memories are the best - because it was well worth the trip!!

    However, the point I really want to make is that they were accomodating and there was definitely space to put a larger than life bike on board.

    I just spoke with "Golfo Paradiso" and they told me there was no problem putting a bike (big bike) on board. He said there would be a surcharge - but since they weren't open for business yet in CT (not the season) he couldn't say how much.

    Do keep in mind that if you are travelling high season everything will be a tighter fit with a bigger bike.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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