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Thread: Milan to Como to Venice to Siena to Rome

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    Default Milan to Como to Venice to Siena to Rome

    First, I must say I am elated to have found this forum, such valuable information and gracious posters; I can’t thank everyone enough in advance for the advice.

    In July my boyfriend and I will be arriving in Milan, renting a car for 12 days to travel around Italy and attend our best friends’ wedding at Lake Como. We could really use some advice for driving routes to take (or not to take!) and sites to see along the way. Wine tastings, castles, farmer markets and not-so-famous-but-should-be places are a few of our favorite things.

    Here is our current plan –

    Milan – 1 day
    Como – 3 days (attending the wedding)
    (Need advice on the drive from Como to Venice including any parking suggestions – Tronchetto?)
    Venice – 2 days (Hotel Canal Grande)
    (Need advice on the drive from Venice to Siena – is the coastline worth a longer drive? Wine tastings along the way?)
    Siena – 3 days (Hotel Athena)
    (Need advice on the drive from Siena to Rome – coastal route or stay inland?)
    Rome – 2 days (Castello della Castelluccia)

    Dropping off the car at FCO and flying to Dublin.

    The newlywed couple will be with us for the drive to Venice and Siena so any romantic stops along the way are a plus. We would also like to book a rooftop/terrace dinner in Venice if anyone has suggestions.

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    Default Route between Siena & Rome


    Personally I would stay on an internal route between Siena and Rome - heading south and stopping at places like Buonconvento, Montalcino, Bagno Vignoni before heading towards the countryside in Acquapendente, Lake Bolsena and Orvieto.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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