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Thread: From Rome to Panzano without backtracking???

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    Default From Rome to Panzano without backtracking???

    I want to go from Rome - Panzano - Florence.

    I was hoping to do a straight line by getting the train from Rome to Siena, and then bus to Panzano somehow. But I can't seem to find any options, all busses/trains seem to want to go to Florence first and I didn't want to waste time backtracking if I can avoid it.

    Are there any ways to get from Rome (or Siena) to Panzano without backtracking at some point? If not, what's my easiest and quickest option? [NOTE: We are NOT renting a car, I know this is the most common suggestion, sorry.]

    Thank you so much for your help...

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    Ciao meganolo,

    You're running into the reason why we are forced to recommend car if you want to stay in Chianti - because bus service is..... practically non existent!

    There are no buses from Siena to Panzano!! I think it is because Panzano is in the province of Florence and, for now, some bus companies don't cross these "territorial" lines. Maybe once day we will have just one bus company for all of Tuscany so that service improves....

    The "easiest" solution is to take train to Florence, then bus down to Panzano. Not all buses make it all the way to Panzano (some step in Greve) so check the bus schedule carefully: http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf

    Look at it this way: you skip one train change because all trains from Rome to Siena require a train change in Chiusi. From Rome to Florence, you can take just one faster train and that's it!
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