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Thread: Luggage Storage in Pisa

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    Default Luggage Storage in Pisa

    Hi, I will be travelling to Pisa on the 7th of April. I will be coming from Florence early in the morning and will be catching my flight home later in the day.

    1. Are there any luggage storage in the train stations - Centrale or San Rossore - or near Piazza dei Miracoli? If there is one what time are the opening hours?

    2. What is the best way to go to the airport? How much would a taxi cost?



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    Yes, there is baggage storage at the Pisa Centrale station, use that one!

    Right now, anyone can take the "Pisa Mover" bus which offers an easy eight-minute connection between the Central station and from/to Galileo Galilei Airport and leaves every 10 minutes.

    The People Mover train which makes the same trek should be opening very soon --- planned inauguration is for March 18th.
    So by the time you are here, this is how the train station will be connected to the airport.

    The train will run every 5-8 minutes, and be available every day from 6:00 AM to midnight.
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