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Thread: getting from Sienna area to Amalfi area

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    Default getting from Sienna area to Amalfi area

    These threads have provided such valuable tips for our upcoming anniversary trip in September. We will be starting in Florence and then after that renting a car to explore the countryside around Sienna. We plan to spend a number of days there and felt having a car would offer the most flexibility. After those days however, we plan to head to the Amalfi coast. I don't really want to have a car there so I am trying to figure out the best way (and location) to return the rental car. It seems like the fastest way from the Sienna area is to take a high speed train from Florence to Naples. So would it be best to pick up and return the rental car from Florence? I'm a bit nervous about finding our way back to the car rental location and risk the fines.... Other options or suggestions? I suppose we could always drive from Sienna to Naples but that looks like it may take longer?? Suggestions would be most appreciated!

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    Default car drop off


    Depending on your car rental you could drop the car off in Orvieto or Arezzo. Or you could leave the car at the Florence airport drop off and then take a bus or taxi to the train station.

    Another option is to leave the car at the Rome airport which is a little easier to navigate (even though the traffic around Rome is daunting...) then you can train it to Termini and take another train to Naples.

    Personally I would check into driving down to Orvieto or Arezzo - and take a few extra minutes to explore one these litle cities.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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