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Thread: to Torot Park with public transport :)

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    Default to Niki Saint Phalle Tarot Park with public transport :)


    I have searched through many sites on the internet but couldn't get an updated, reliable information. I will be travelling in Italy and between Rome and Florence I would like to visit this Tarot Park of Niki Saint Phalle.

    My only option is a public transport though. I found a train that cab take me from Rome to Capalbio station but I can't find information about the bus to go to the park. I saw a thread on this site but it's dated from 2008. It said there's a bus #40/O which stop just in front of the park. I tried looking at Rama's site (they say it's the company that runs bus service in the area) but it's website isn't working and another website is only in italian.....

    Someone also said that there's a bus to go to the park but the bus run in one direction and to go back to Capalbio after can be a problem. I google-earth the area and there's nothing but grass..

    If anyone have informations about public transport in the area or even direct me to where I can find the information it will be very helpful. Thank you very much in advance

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