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Thread: Short trip from Florence

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    Red face Short trip from Florence


    We'd like to make a small trip from Florence, just to catch a glimpse of the sourrounding landscape and see something else. I've been to Fiesole, but maybe something equally close and easy to reach by bus/train.

    We could also consider going a bit further and make a day trip, if you have suggestions? We've seen Pisa, Siena etc. (most of the big tourist spots) before, so please recommend a more unusual town?

    Grazie mille

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    Have you been to Arezzo? I recall it being about an hour trip and being able to nice scenery from the train. Plus, it's a cute town. The archeology museum there has many excellent Etruscan artifacts...

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    Arezzo is a great suggestion Uomo Grasso! It is a very quiet town as it is still not as visited as other towns but has a charming town center and is perfect for exploring. I particularly loved the frescoes of the Cross by Piero della Francesca in the San Francesco church.

    You could make it a day trip if you also add in the Medieval Art museum or Vasari's house, the cathedral and the archeological site.

    Another place nearby is Cortona, as the one of "Under the Tuscan Sun" movie fame. You can continue on train from Arezzo but without a car including both on the same day is a lot.

    Another option is to take the train in the opposite direction and explore Prato or Pistoia. Both are closer to Florence and can be either a half day or full day trip. Pistoia is a Culture Capital of Italy this year, so there are lots of events going on.

    A little further away in San Miniato on a hilltop - train+bus will get you all the way there (as is the case for Cortona too)

    And finally, how about Certaldo? Another small charming town worth exploring. We loved the Pretorio palazzo and exploring Boccaccio's home.
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    Default Day Trips


    Arezzo is one of my favorite places, but that could be that I have lived close by for years

    Prato is definitely a great little find that many people skip right over but it is very walkable and there are many points of interest.

    You could also put Greve in Chianti on your to-do-list along with a short walk out to Vitticio for a wine tasting There are frequent buses stopping in Greve (bus line 365)

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    Thank you so much for good suggestions! I've been to Arezzo, but my travelling partner hasn't, and we're also investigating Prato and Pistoia now, so we'll see where we'll end up. It also depends on what's easiest to reach.

    Thanks again to all of you!

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