Hi there,
I’m very overwhelmed in the planning process and am hoping for some insight.

I’m going to Italy in October and was planning to start in Rome then head to Tuscany and/or Florence. I have 2 weeks in Italy. My dream is to stay countryside and do day trips when wanted to areas like Siena, San Gimignano, Lucca. And possibly Emilia Romagna from Florence.

What’s troubling me is that I’m reading that a rental car is the best way to go in that case and that intimidates me. I’m not sure as a first time traveler to Italy that I’m comfortable with that.
I read your article that there’s buses from some of the towns but I’m not sure how to determine lodging in relation to transportation. Also if I stayed countryside, any recs on beat region to stay?

If you can offer any recommendations I would really appreciate it!!

Thank you,