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Thread: shopping in prato

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    Default shopping in prato

    I read few things about prato fashion houses. they sell a lot of fabrics and fashion. please let me know where should i shop in Prato.

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    Default Prato fashion outlets

    Ciao tuscanlover!
    Prato has an ancient textile tradition and is specialized in realizing all types of high quality fabrics and clothing.
    You can go factory shopping directly in the outlet stores to find great prices. You might also go shopping in artisan workshops, where you can buy typical products of the local textile industry, created by the skillful hands of craftsmen that follow a thousand years old tradition.
    I suggest you visit the city center of Prato where you find a lot of fashionable clothing and accessories shops.
    Among the outlets, you could consider Mazzoni Abbigliamento, very near the city center, in Viale Piave, 32, and Babylon Bus Abbigliamento, again in Viale Piave. Another one I suggest is Minimoda Abbigliamento: http://www.minimoda.com/
    Enjoy your shopping!

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    I love to do shoping, Its my pasion and to hear about prato fashion houses i am going crazy.

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    It's a great pleasure shopping in Prato. I really loved shopping there on my Tuscan vacation.

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