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    Ciao! We are planning a family trip to Tuscany for 7 days in June. This will include time for Florence as well. We will be staying in Greve in Chianti and I was just hoping to "be in the know" before we leave. We will be travelling with 10 people with ages ranging from 6-60. We will have cars and will want to do all of the fun things in Tuscany (shopping, sightseeing, and of course... eating!) I am so excited to go and have been practicing my Italian. I was just wondering what the best places and things to do are in Greve and what to expect on my visit. I was also wondering what the best surrounding Tuscan towns would be. I also wondered how much Italian I will actually need to know in Greve and Tuscany as I am hoping to practice my skills. Thanks! Grazie!

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    I can advise Siena and in particular the Farm Poderaccio where I had the opportunity to stay for a week ... For the children where you can see many animals teach the farm life ... The older people can enjoy long walks while the other is the oil and wine tasting, swimming pool ... and is only 5 km from the center where there is a square where there is the famous Palio! ...If you want you can see on Il Poderaccio.it...Have you good holidays!!!...

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    Default Lots of chances to practice your Italian :)

    Ciao! You will definitely get lots of chances to practice your Italian in Tuscany - while many know enough English to meet the needs of the tourist, much of it is pretty basic and they will love speaking to you in Italian if you try it with them, they'll help you practice! Italians are very friendly from this point of view, they appreciate travelers who try using Italian even if it isn't fluently

    from Greve, you must definitely drive around Chianti to the hilltop towns... to Castellina, Panzano, Radda, San Donato in Poggio, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, go to Siena of course in addition to Florence. You will see the days will pass quickly so just go on a day to day basis to decide where to head off too. In June, you'll also want to spend some time at your farmhouse and by the pool, taking time to rest too. First impulse is always to try to fit as much as possible into your days but you will enjoy Tuscany better by taking your time and enjoying what you do and see. Oh, head to Montefioralle above Greve, it is a very cute and small medieval village and to Badia di Passignano. If your group likes to walk, there are great posted trails around Greve (red and white signs by the CAI walking/trekking association). Ask at your farmhouse, they'll tell you which way to head as most trials correspond to the unpaved roads that connect the wineries and farm houses in the area.

    I am sure your whole family will have loads of fun, Tuscans are friendly and laid back, enjoy lots of good food and wine... And don't hurry meals, those are to be savored as well!
    Where to stay in Tuscany? Read this if you will have a car and this if you won't!
    When is the best time to visit? Make sure to read this!

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