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Thread: 2 weeks in tuscany - group seminar+travel

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    Default 2 weeks in tuscany - group seminar+travel

    Dear Lourdes,
    I would really appreciate your advice and help. I am organising a seminar in Toscany for 20-30 people in spring next year and i am looking for the local guide who could help me with this project. 2 weeks - renting a place for the seminar for 7 days and then 1 week of cultural program in toscany. I would really appreciate your help!

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    Ciao Svetlanamil,

    I am not sure whether you're looking for an agency to work with who has experience working with large groups? someone local to help plan the overall program?

    I offer suggestions for people who are organizing their trips to Tuscany on their own, offering suggestions of where to stay, what to see, what to do... it seems you are looking for more, so not sure I can be of much help other than giving you some ideas!

    I'd suggest maybe finding a large villa that could accommodate the entire group for the entire 2 weeks or otherwise looking for 2 villas and dividing up 1 week at each. If you're planning a business seminar, likely you'll need conference rooms with connected services, while if the second week is more "free" and dedicated to relaxation, then the needs of the group would be different.

    There are some villas that are divided into rooms and others into apartments, but here are a few that have the space for your group as well as offering spaces for meetings:

    Fattoria il Lago
    Villa il Poggiale (meeting room)
    Borgo della Meliana (meetings)
    Il Cellese
    Torre a Cona
    Agriturismo Castel d'Acone
    Agriturismo Colognole
    Where to stay in Tuscany? Read this if you will have a car and this if you won't!
    When is the best time to visit? Make sure to read this!

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