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Thread: Siena Parking

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    as always - thank you!
    sounds easy.

    You had previously answered my parking questions regarding Florence and I am wondering if you have a guess about how long it will take us to drive from Montepulciano to Florence on Thursday 26 June. My goal is to decide best Accademia entry time to buy tix for: don't want to get there late and be denied entry, but don't want to be so early that we have to hang out. I would like to make this our first stop as it will be our only timed ticket for our one day in Florence. I am not sure how early our farmhouse will serve breakfast so I can only guess what time we will hit the road - perhaps 7:45am.

    We will either park at the Coop market or go closer to the pay lot by the closer tram stop. GoogleMaps says the drive should be 1.5 hours but I am thinking we should allow closer to two in case of traffic. So, depart 7:45, arrive 9:45, park and walk to tram stop/buy tix/board/ride to SMN Station - arrive 10:30. Then walk to Accademia - again with 79 year old mom, so maybe we get there at 11am. should I buy 11:15am entry tix? perhjaps 11:30 is safer and if we arrive really early we can just meander through the streets on our way to Accademia? any thoughts? many thanks! ec

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    Yes, looking at the time it takes to drive up, park and then get to station and then walk, I would do as you've already calculated and get tickets for around 11.30am or even noon. That way you can do your walk to the Accademia without being in a hurry as well as meander and look at the monuments as you go, depending on what time you arrive at the station. You'll see then whether you have the extra time or not... and believe me, all of Florence outdoors is an open-air museum so even if you arrive an hour ahead of time, it will pass by really quickly as you walk since you'll also be looking at everything!!
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