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Thread: Why are my threads disappearing??

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    Default Why are my threads disappearing??

    Are my threads being deleted?? I posted 2 threads with questions about towns in Tuscany and when I went back to check on replies they completely vanished. What gives??

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    Ciao Lindsey,

    I only deleted one thread, as it was a duplicate of questions you had already posted on another thread and which I had already answered. Didn't want it to seem like then you hadn't received a reply.

    You should check out my replies here:
    and here:

    It just seems you're not seeing my replies - make sure to "subscribe" to your posts by selecting the method you prefer in the options below the post, in the "additional options" area. That way you can receive any replies to your post without needing to go back and searching for them
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    Gotcha. Thanks! I wasn't sure if I'd reach a different 'audience' by posting it in another area and get more input.

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