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    Hi there

    I have prebooked my tickets to the leaning tower of Pisa and the other sites on the Field of Miracles. I have my voucher with the confirmation number on it- do I need to take this somewhere to collect my actual tickets and if so can someone explain this all to me including how far in advance before my time slot I should go to pick up the tickets?

    Many thanks for your help! x

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    Dear Andy,
    actually it depends on the site you have prebooked your tickets with. But usually, the voucher received is a confirmation of your reservation (there should be some confirmation codes on it) and it is necessary to collect your tickets at the leaning tower or the other museums of the Miracle Fields upon arrival (usually at most with a 15 minutes delay).
    I don't know where you have booked your tickets, but check your voucher. It should tell you whether you need to collect tickets ahead of time or just head to the first place, where you can enter with the voucher.

    Hope it may helps


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