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Thread: A nice town to chill, and general travel advice

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    Default A nice town to chill, and general travel advice

    Hello, First of all, I love this forum. Well done!
    My wife and I are spending 14 days in Italy in the latter half of April 2016 - current idea is 4 nights Rome, 3 Florence, 4 Siena?, and 3 Venice. It's overwhelming how many towns I'd like to visit (and stay overnight) in Tuscany and knowing to try to do so would be exhausting. I have read that Siena would make a nice base to take a day trip or two, but I also want a place to kick back and just hang out for a day or more. Maybe take a nice hike in the hills. One of my favorite times in Rome was just sitting in the Piazza della Rotonda, drinking vino and people watching.

    Do you have any suggestions for a place to chill out in besides Siena? I have already day-tripped to many of these places many years ago with some Romans, but each visit was a quick in & out and I didn't retain much except photos of churches.


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    Default A place to Chill

    Buongiorno Jim,

    Wow that is a tall order - I live here in Tuscany and there are so many places I just love to go and people watch!!

    Siena is definitely a great alternative to spending your entire time in Florence, and it will give you the opportunity to explore southern Tuscany. This article talks about several day trips from Florence and each one would make a great "chill out" spot.


    One of my all time favorite places south of Siena is Bagno Vignoni, a small town with a thermal waters and a lots of sweet little restaurants.

    Buon Viaggio,


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