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Thread: Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in Tuscany

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    Default Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in Tuscany

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Tuscany this year. We are flying into Sweden to visit friends for 4 days then flying to Germany and getting Eurorail passes to tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland and into Italy so that we will be visiting Bologna (on my husband's must see/eat here list) on August 5th then hiring a car at the Florence airport (after touring the city) on August 6th. We leave from Florence on August 13th.

    I would like to stay somewhere with "the typical Tuscan view" of rolling hills, cypress trees, etc but also within a town that would allow us to go to the café for morning espressos. Ideally, we would like to "live like the locals" during this week. I would like to take cooking classes, tour the countryside by bicycle, explore wineries and historic villages and maybe Sienna?, etc. My husband would love to get to know the local people around us and loves red wine and authentic food. On August 10th, 2016 I am hoping for a magical view and my new favourite red wine to celebrate our 20 years together.

    I hope that this makes sense as I have dreamed about this trip for so long that it already feels surreal to me. Where would be a good place to base ourselves for the week? Any suggestions to help me plan our trip, would be greatly appreciated.
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    It's beautiful that you have someone special next to you for this dreamy vacation!!

    Below I have added a couple of links to places that I have visited and believe really match your requirements:

    Borgo Argenina - she has a lovely place, great views and the perfect position for hikes, biking and wine...but then in Tuscany what area is NOT perfect for wine ;-) Ask about her cooking lessons!!

    B&B Giglio - When you said drinking an espresso and looking over a landscape that is typically Tuscan....I couldn't NOT include this place. Besides they are very friendly - so meeting the locals will be so easy.

    You can also look here for more info on organizing a bike tour and a coooking lesson.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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    Hi Cyndi,

    Your trip sounds wonderful. I am currently based in Stockholm and will be spending my summer in Tuscany for weddings I have.

    20 years is quite an achievement, if we happen to cross paths on our travels, be it Sweden or Italy, I'd like to offer you a wedding blessing as a gift.

    Do get in touch and we can see if any dates work for us both.

    Kindest, Lynsey

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