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Thread: Finding a vineyard near to accommodation in Strada, Chianti

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    Hi Donna Denise

    Really sorry for the multiple questions!

    In some sort of a fix since I realised that 15 August (Monday) is a national holiday, and vineyards could be close from 13 August (Friday) to 15 August (Monday). Especially when it is not easy to find one that is close to the bus stop! I was told that Ruffico would be close for the long weekends.

    Azienda Montefioralle that you recommended will be open, but this means I will need to arrange for a private taxi from Strada Chianti (my parents cannot do the 30 minutes steep walk up....). Roughly will you be able to tell how much the taxi would cost, 1 way or 2 way?

    So sorry and thank you again!

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaDenise View Post
    Wow - you are staying just down the road from where I live!!

    Great position for catching the bus and traveling both into Florence and on towards Greve. And you are witin walking distance of the restaurant il Caminetto, very nice and I highly recommend it.

    So, for wine tours - well you could look at one of the organized tours, they will definitely cater to your menu request.

    I have visited Villa Medicea di Liliano, (click here to find the official site and more about the wine tasting). You can catch the bus towards Grassina (direction Florence) and then walk up to the villa - a bit steep, the beginning is residential but it opens into some lovely olive groves - and if you talk to them, they might be able to arrange for a taxi/transport from town (its maybe a 4 -5 min ride). They will arrange a tasting/light lunch.

    Read this article about Greve - which is a very short bus ride from your accommodations - and note the town Montefioralle. If you are up for walking (though you could try to arrange for a taxi), you can visit Azienda Montefioralle. I was there just this November and totally enjoyed the tasting. It is small, very homegrown BUT the explanation was detailed and very informative. They didn't serve beef -in fact it is more likely you will find PORK on the menus than beef for the wine tastings because they serve it with the local cold cuts. However, I believe if you make it known to them, they will accommodate...with cheese or other flavours.

    Another wine tasting is CASTELLO DI VERRAZZANO which you can see more about on this page: http://www.chianti.com/wine/chianti-winetasting.html

    Buon Viaggio!

    Donna Denise

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    Default Local taxi and bus resources

    Hi Donna Denise / Lourdes

    We have decided to either visit Castello di Vicchiomaggio or Castello di Verrazzano on 15 August 2016 Monday. But as it is a national holiday, there is no bus.

    Can you kindly recommend a local taxi service so that I can see if they do run taxi on 15th too!

    Also can you point me to the website to find the Bus from Florence to Strada (my host told me there is no bus number so I have been having trouble finding the timetable online), and the bus ATAF bus number 31 pls.

    Thank you!!


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    Is this the correct bus schedule to see:


    (Florence to your home)
    On Page 13>>
    From Florence - Strada in Chianti, no bus number, Mon - Sat, the last bus on 13 August 2016 Saturday is 20:15pm, reaching Strada at 20:55?

    (your home to Florence)
    On Page 1,

    From Strada in Chianti to Florence SMN, on 16 August 2016 Tuesday, the earliest bus “no bus number” is 6am, reaching Florence at 6:40am.

    Lastly, if we need to leave your home to Florence on 15 August 2016 Monday which is Festivo, there are buses at 7:35am (page 3), 10:10am (page 4), 14:35 (page 6) and 19:15 (page 7)?

    Many thanks!!

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    Default Cab for Your Wine tour


    I have two names for that area that I have used that you might find interesting:

    NCC (which stands for car with driver - both speak ENGLISH)

    Simone: +39 334 705 3211 essemazzini@gmail.com he is on What's App and you can contact him there.



    +39 335 431 513 (stedop@libero.it)

    The bus that runs to Strada / Greve etc is a SITA bus (not the orange city buses ATAF) and the number is 365. Bus schedule: http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf

    Bus 31 (ATAF) is the one you take from GRASSINA - but before you catch that bus you would need to take the SITA (which would leave in Grassina) I would just stick with the SITA 365 into Florence, it basically has the same exact stops as the 31. (its the bus I catch to go to town...I will take my car to Grassina and catch the ATAF but only because it runs more frequently than the SITA) Both are comfortable and easy. Your bus ticket form Strada to Florence is approximately 3 €...the SITA has a price based on the distance where as ATAF has a fixed price for 90 min of service.

    the schedule does not list ALL of the stops - but your stop is in between Strada and Ugolino.

    Donna Denise

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