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    Hi - a friend and I have been offered accommodation in Vallico Sopra in early Sept. I don't know much about it except that it looks very rural - there is not much available on the web. Will it be warm - over 20 degrees - in Sept? I know it's high up, so just wondering if it gets colder in Sept.

    Does anyone know this village or area? I haven't been anywhere else in Tuscany apart from Florence. We would be staying for a week and would have a car.


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    Dear CAG,

    Vallico Sopra is a small village in Garfagnana. It is located in the municipality of Fabbriche di Vallico, that counts about 500 inhabitants. It is about 350 mt over the sea. Lucca is about 30 km driving distance and in its surroundings there are many nice and interesting towns, such as Bagni di Lucca, Borgo a Mozzano and Pescia. Viareggio on the coast is about 1 hour driving distance.

    In Vallico Sopra there isn't much, but it looks well located near other attractions and if you'll have a car you can easily move around and plan day trips to other areas.

    Regarding the weather I think in September it can be cold and you probably need sweaters and a jacket. In September the weather is generally mild but you have to consider that Vallico is located in Garfagnana on the Apuan Alps. The area is very beautiful and is particularly renowned for hiking and wild holidays.

    I hope my suggestions helped you. Don't hesitate to come back with any other question
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    September in Garfagnana at the foothills of the Apuan Alps should be beautiful weather during the days, perfect for hiking outdoors. It will be cool in the evenings, so definitely a light sweater and light jacket would be recommended. Best is to always dress in layers as the area can also see quick thunderstorms that pass within the hour. I am not sure I would describe the weather yet as cold in September, but it really depends on how the weather goes. You aren't that high as altitude so I am thinking if the weather stays nice you should just expect to have cool evenings.

    We've just returned from a few days spent in the area to the northwest of Garfagnana, in the area known as Lunigiana, and we loved its mountain, rural wildness. It is a perfect area if you love the outdoors with day trips to the small medieval hamlets that dot the countryside mixed in with days hiking and walking the many trails that cross the mountains.

    A car is definitely necessary and we're sure you'll enjoy the area. It is very different from the area around Florence yet very beautiful for the unspoiled nature you see all around.
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    Default Thank you

    Thanks very much for your comments - very reassuring - this forum is really helpful. Seeing as it's been pouring here all week - I'll be just glad to escape!

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