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Thread: Driving in Tuscany and what is a good base point to venture into small towns

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    Red face Driving in Tuscany and what is a good base point to venture into small towns


    Excited to be going on my annual trip to Italia in September! I was there last year and did several tours and felt rushed so this time I want to take my time exploring the awesome towns. I will be leaving Florence on September 21 and want to spend 3-4 days driving through the small towns in Tuscany. I want to avoid the highways completely. So this is what Im trying to determine:

    1. to drive or hire a personal driver to take me to the towns or take a bus?

    2. If I were to rent a car, where should I rent it from? Siena or Florence. I would like to avoid the highway as much as possible.

    3. How far is each town from Siena? I want to explore Siena of course, Montalcino, San Gimignano and other ones along the way. Should I just stay one night in each town as opposed to renting an apt in Siena (as my base point)for 3-4 days?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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    If you really want to take you time and enjoy the small towns, and perhaps one or two surprises along the way then I strongly suggest you rent a car - though a NCC (car rental with driver) can truly add to the relaxation of the holidays. If you decide on a private driver then you can select a place and base your trips from there.

    If you decide to get a car, you could change every day - if you are up to moving that much. Sometimes it is nice to have a home base, get to know the locals and intergrate a bit into the fabric of the culture.

    Check out this article (and those linked in it). On the left handside there is an info box with a circular itinerary - I believe these will give you some place from which to start your planning.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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