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Thread: 12 Days move around from mid Aug

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    Default 12 Days move around from mid Aug


    My friend and I are planning a (12) days holiday with the start point from Rome (FCO) and we have the preliminary base plan (w/o Car) per below:

    15-18 Aug: Val d’Orcia, Hotel Corsignano_3 nights, from Rome airport approx. 4+ hours train

    18-21 Aug: Siena, NH Siena_3 nights, from Val d’Orcia approx. 2 hours train

    21-25 Aug: Bologna, Nuovo Hotel Del Porto_4 nights, from Siena approx. 2 hours train
    (We do day trip to Parma and Chianti from Bologna).

    25-27 Aug: Rome, Exe Della Torre Argentina_2 nights, from Bologna approx. 2 hours train

    Can I seek for advice on sensibility of the above in way of transportation and days allocation pls.

    Thank you, Oli

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    Default National Holiday on the 15th of August


    your arrival day coincides with a national holiday in all of Italy - and trains & public transport will be on the FESTIVE schedule. It is NOT a good day to depend on public trnasport to go anywhere - between canceled and delayed trains and the reduced number of trains running it is a recipe for long waits - and possibly not arriving at all.

    You may want to put Rome on the front end of your travels and from the airport go directly to Rome then move out to the countryside.

    However, if that is not possible, then I would seriously consider renting a car - even if it is just for that one day to get to the hotel and then turn it in at Chiusi or Siena the next day.

    In any case public transport for the first part of your trip will be slow and long, and normally we don't really recommend it.

    Another alternative is to get a driver...check here for prices.

    There aren't any other national holidays in those 12 days - but do remember that SUNDAYS are festive days for the public transport system and especially in areas in the countryside the number of runs is greatly reduced.

    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

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