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Thread: Wedding in Tuscany - Advice Needed

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    Default Wedding in Tuscany - Advice Needed

    Hello, We are planning on getting married in Tuscany in October 2019, we are planning on visiting Tuscany in October 2018 to have a look at potential wedding venues, Restaurants, Flower suppliers, Hair Dressers etc.

    When we have looked on the internet for potential wedding venues the results seem to suggest that we have to book the venue through a wedding planner/planning company, we very much wanted to arrange the wedding ourselves and not use planning services.

    We have seen quite a few lovely venues on the internet including the Wedding Hall at Castellina in Chianti, however there does not appear to be any contact details for the actual hall where we can arrange a visit.

    With the above in mind it is acceptable to just turn up at the venues when we visit in October 2018 and look around the various different towns/villages for suitable venues or will they expect us to have booked an appointment? can you book venues directly through the wedding hall's or do you NEED a wedding Planner?

    We are looking for a small (about 20 guests) wedding hall in a lovely Tuscany village, any potential venues anyone can suggest would be very much appreciated as would any help or advice regarding the above or anything else you think would help us but be greatly received.

    Thanks everyone

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    Well October is generally out of season for weddings but a possible location - even for a small number is Fattoria Pagnana just 15km south east of Florence. They have two big reception rooms but also a more intimate room which would be very suitable for the wedding breakfast (as they say in English English!) or lunch or dinner.

    See https://www.facebook.com/fattoriapagnana.it/ for the location and reception rooms. Look at the posts, pictures and videos. There are many covering weddings which have taken place there. If the weather is still good in October the service could be held outside - if not inside. Importantly Fattoria Pagnana has someone who can officiate the wedding at the location so it is legally binding.

    For accommodation look at - https://www.firenzealloggio.com/fattoria-pagnana.html

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    Pondering getting hitched in Tuscany Italy? Felicitazioni! Italy is a sound decision for British couples who are hoping to get married abroad: excellent climate (nearly) dependably ensured, extraordinary wines and nourishment, an astonishing Mediterranean environment and moderate plane tickets for your visitors… You got it, sorting out a goal wedding in Tuscany Italy like Villa Trullo, Villa Subtila, Villa Bastia and significantly more like these.

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    Default Getting Married in Tuscany


    I have assisted several couples plan their wedding in Tuscany - and I can tell you that there are lots of structures that will help you with every step without getting a wedding planner involved.

    Of course, there are some pluses to having a wedding planner (language difficulties, technical aspects of the marriage license, on-site management and there are a few things that make sense for guests but the Italians don't always have an equivalent so it takes some explaining and a wedding planner would be able to smooth out these rough edges) but having said that you can do it on your own if you have some time to dedicate to organizing details - and if the venue is telling you that it is not possible, then find another venue.

    Below is a link to some venues that are great for weddings, I have visited several and they have on-site staff who can assist you with many of the details.


    Castellina in Chianti is a lovely venue - and the last wedding I organized there we had a visit on the panoramic terrace after the civil service (which lasts a total of 15 min). Look at this link for details:


    (nearby is Il Cellese or Rocca di Cispiano, I have visited both and they would make great venues)

    One thing I often mentioned to the couples that came to me for assistance - if you are getting married here, then try to embrace their traditions instead of making a foreign wedding on Itailan soil. Like the type of cake, decorations (go light on the flowers), the ceremony or even reception meals. And most important, just enjoy the process. Getting married here is wonderful - and it should be remembered as such!!

    Buon Viaggio (e Nozze)

    Donna Denise

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    Good morning,

    You could consider the beautiful little hill top village of Sovicille. Near Sovicille (just 1 km far) there is a lovely church, often chosen for weddings; it is called Pieve di Ponte allo Spino and on the website http://www.prolocosovicille.it/home.html you can find some nice pictures of it. It is really romantic and a lot of couples loved it. If you need further information, you can get in touch with info@prolocosovicille.it .

    Hope this was helpful

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    You have already received some great suggestions as far as venues go.... but reading your initial question about "wedding hall" venues I realize that you're actually talking of getting married in Castellina's town hall, right? So consider this:

    Getting married in the "wedding hall" in Castellina (or any other town) means it is a registered civil ceremony in Italy inside town hall, and for this you need to get specific legal documents as requested by the town hall for your nationality.
    The documents change depending on nationality, generally more are requested for some than for others. Generally some of these documents need to be acquired in time in your country, others in town a few days before your wedding date.

    The town hall ceremonies are short and are set for specific days of the week, not for when you choose. You do have to generally make appointments but this is when you already have your documents and need to present the documents to set your ceremony date.

    This is where a local wedding planner CAN OFFER assistance, in particular in dealing with the town hall's requests for documents when they do not have English-speakers on staff. Unless you speak Italian, you might find this to be the most frustrating experience of all. You CAN enlist a wedding planner to help you with JUST this part, and do the rest of the wedding celebration on your own (restaurant, hair, makeup, flowers, etc).

    Civil ceremonies at town halls are open to the public so if you find out when the ceremonies are done - many on Saturdays, Florence has them from Tuesday through Sundays (see more info here for Florence) - you can walk in to the civil rites when you come this October and check out the inside of town hall and the wedding halls in particular. I have not been inside the town hall in Castellina, but other popular ones are Certaldo because the town hall there is a beautiful medieval palazzo, the same for Scaperia and for San Gimignano.

    So if you reconsider maybe needing a wedding planner for some services, take a look at some of the suggestions we offer here.

    If you want a "symbolic" ceremony that has no legal value in Italy, then the venues can expand to include any beautiful villa you like. There are a few who do have a town hall with a civil servant that will travel to the villa to perform the civil ceremony (Villa Medicea di Lilliano is one of them that I know of). This is where the expertise of a wedding planner comes into play.... experience, experience, experience! That's what you pay for in the end!
    In the beginning stages of planning to come to Tuscany? Make sure to read Where to Stay in Tuscany WITH a car and Where to Stay in Tuscany WITHOUT a car for ideas on where to stay in Tuscany. Also read When to Visit Tuscany to decide when is the best times for your visit.

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