I will be traveling From Rome to Paris in October, 2019,after a cruise, with my husband and parents in law. We plan to stop for a 2-3 nights in Florence. This would give us 1 1/2 days in Florence (arriving at noon on a Sunday) and one day in Tuscany. There are sooooo many choices of where to spend that one day, but I thought that exploring the wineries of Chianti would be a nice change of pace from all the art, architecture, and history of Rome and Florence. Rather than sign up for a tour, I would like to rent a car and tour on our own. My husband is comfortable with driving in Europe (we are American) and I like the flexibility of having our own car. So, my questions would be: are there any particular wineries that we should plan to visit? Is there anywhere or anyone that can help me map out a route and decide where to go? How long should we plan on this self guided tour lasting? Can I/should I contact the wineries before we go? Is there anything else I should consider besides a wine tour when in the Chianti area? Thank you!!!