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    We are traveling to Italy with two other couples at the end of March. Part of out trip is to be based in Siena for 5 days. We are hoping to do this portion without a car and are looking for activities and side trips. We are hoping to do a one day cooking class, a trip to Montepulciano/Pienza/Montalcino maybe with a local guide, possibly a winery visit to Chianti that would include a wonderful lunch. Any suggestions of recommendations for these or other experiences would be much appreciated. Due to the fact that we have a group of 6 it seems easier to do small group escorted activities rather than rent a car (we will also be able to enjoy the wine knowing we won't have to drive!)

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    Default What to do in Siena and surroundings

    Dear Stacie,

    you have three different solutions for organizing your activities in and around Siena.

    The first option is you rent a minibus with driver for your day trips around Siena. In this case you will have to plan on your own every details about where to go, what to see and to do for you and your friends. You will then book directly cooking classes and wine tastings.

    The second option is you book professional tour guides in Siena and in the other destinations that will take you around on your day trips. This is the website of the official tour guides for Siena and province. As you can see, they offer several thematic tours such as wine tours, Montalcino and Valdorcia tours.

    The third option is you contact a local travel agency that organizes tours, such as Vinarium. It organizes several private winery tours and cooking classes. In this case Vinarium will organize everything including transfers.

    I hope these suggestions helped you. Please don't hesitate to come back with other questions
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    Hello, it would be really kind of you if you share your experience. I mean how your journey went through and where did you stay during that days.

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