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Thread: Getting from Volterra to Florence and Cinque Terre

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    Default Getting from Volterra to Florence and Cinque Terre

    My wife and I are staying in a villa near Volterra. We have a small car. We want to visit Florence and Cinque Terre on another day. How should we best get there?

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    Ciao Rob,

    There really isn't that much choice in terms of driving route between Volterra and Florence - from Volterra, you take the road to Colle Val d'Elsa and then take the Firenze-Siena road north toward Florence.

    As for Cinque Terre, that is a longer drive - about 2.5 hours each way. Maybe you can plan spending one night out so you have more time to spend at the Cinque Terre? You'd head toward Ponsacco/Pontedera, then continue on to Pisa. From there you'd take the A12 north toward Genova. At La Spezia, you'll see the exits for Cinque Terre, the first town is Riomaggiore and the last is Monterosso.

    If you're not absolutely set on the Cinque Terre and would just like to spend some time at the coast, from Volterra you have some absolutely beautiful coastline much closer than Cinque Terre. Just head west from Volterra to Cecina - the marina there as well as further south to San Vincenzo is more classic beach with pinewoods at the edge or small towns which you can enjoy visiting. Different from Cinque Terre, but still beautiful days out at the beach (ah, remember there are NO beaches at Cinque Terre).
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    Default Re: Getting from Volterra to Florence and Cinque Terre

    You can go there by car. With the help of google map you will find the root.

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