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Thread: BBQ's, Pizza evenings and live music

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    Cool BBQ's, Pizza evenings and live music

    Hi Guys

    Can you help us. We are getting married next year and we are in the middle of planning evenings for our guest during their stay. We are near volterra and we need names and numbers for BBq people. Pizza caters and live music people so we can party most evenings.. Cheers people of DT x

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    Default BBQ's and Pizza near Volterra


    the first thing I suggest is that you ask the property owner of where you are having your wedding - they will know the local scene the best and sometimes help you find good, delicious (and economical alternatives) HOWEVER, I would caution about telling them that the catering is for a wedding. Once you mention the word wedding things seem to sky rocket with price. Let them know you want to have a big party ... and leave it at that.

    I have used several people near Florence - and most of them will travel. You can try Il Sorriso they actually organized a BBQ for a wedding party I organized and they were not only delicious but good at going with the flow when a few unexpected events "happened" - like they always will with a wedding. :-P

    Buon Viaggio

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    Not mentioning that it is for a wedding is good advice for keeping the prices down. I also recomend just getting in touch with all the small farm in the area and asking each if they provide such services.

    If you still need help contact me by private message, i am an event organiser, i have contacts with lots of small farms in the area and i will provide any information free of charge until you actually book something. My email tocmac.leonard@gmail.com
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