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    With my family I will be spending a holiday in Greve this July.
    I would like to ask you what is the cost of bus 365 from Greve to Firenze for an adult and a child (10 years) and cost of return to Greve. Do I have to buy single tickets to go and come back, or can I buy a return ticket?

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    Default Traveling by Bus from Greve


    The tickets are not for a “final destination” but for a certain amount of km. However, when you are in Greve you can buy both tickets - and just tell them where you are going, believe me they know which ticket you need (approx. 30 km). It should cost about 4 Euros.

    Actually the rules and regulations say you if you are travel 30 to get there and 30 km to get back then you can get a ticket for 60 kms and double validate it - once going and once coming back….but to be honest you don’t want to risk that the controller sees things differently and doesn’t accept the ticket. It’s just easier to have one to get there and one to come back.

    And it is only valid if you have it stamped (validated) by the little machine at the front of the bus….VERY IMPORTANT!!

    Yes a 10 year old will require a ticket for the bus.

    When I go into town to Florence with the bus ( I use the same bus 365 ), I like to use the bus stop in Piazza Beccaria. It is a great start to visiting the city, just strolling up Borgo la Croce.

    When going back to Greve, if you decide to pick the bus up there, you will see that the exterior front of the bus has a digital display with the final destination - and sometimes the route it takes to come home. Personally, I suggest that when you go back to Greve, you pick up the bus at the depot next to the SMN train station - less confusion. Greve has several buses that pass through but they all take different routes (more or less the same amount of travel time) and the easiest way to know you are getting on the right bus is to catch it at the beginning of the trip.

    Buon Viaggio,
    Donna Denise

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