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Thread: Pisa to Florence by train or tram

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    Wink Pisa to Florence by train or tram


    Potential first time visitor to Florence here, and hoping for some help and advice on getting into the city.

    We will be flying into Pisa (next April. Is it best to get the tram from the airport to the railway station?
    And from there, the train from Pisa into Florence.

    How much does it cost, and can it be booked in advance?
    And approximately how long does it take?

    Thanks for your time in looking; hope to hear from someone in return.

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    Cool Getting to Florence


    Personally when I flew into Pisa, I always caught one of the buses. It was always just so easy: get off the plane, grab your luggage and walk outside to the buses lined up on the right. Normally it took about an hour to get into the city and they left you right at the train station. (the last time I used this service, I spent around 10 euros per person)

    However, you now have the option of catching the People Mover (same deal as above, get off the plane, grab the bags and step outside of the airport to your left...and there it is - literally a minute or two from the gates) BUT since it has become operational I haven't had a chance to use it basically because there are so many cheap flights coming direct into Florence, I found I can work around it.

    I do know that I appreciated not having to get on and off the public transport system more than once (catch the people mover then change for Florence ) - so the bus was ideal. The buses are more in tune with the hours of the flights, whereas the trains stop running after a certain hour - and the last run appears to be around 1 am --- but they put you on a bus at that hour.


    For the train you will want to put in Pisa fermata Aeroporto as the departure and Firenze S. M. Novella as your arrival:


    Buon Viaggio,

    Donna Denise

    But the price is comparable as is the time...


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    Red face


    Thank you for the response. That is a great help and really useful.

    Can't wait ;-)

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