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Thread: 3 days in Tuscany

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    Default 3 days in Tuscany

    My husband and I will be staying at Ancora del Chianti in Greve for 3 nights/2.5 days at the end of this month for our honeymoon. We are renting a car in Florence on Wednesday March 29th. I've done a lot of research to try to plan out routes for us during our trip, but there is just so much out there and I am having trouble narrowing it down. Here is what I have so far; I'd really appreciate specific guidance and resources as to where to best focus our time, and if we should be making any other reservations. We want to do a mix of wine tasting, visiting castles, and exploring small towns. We are planning on being able to go mostly at our own pace and not be tied to a tour group.

    - Wednesday March 29: Pick up rental car in Florence midday, drive to Greve, possibly stopping in Strada along the way. Spend the afternoon exploring Greve in Chianti, as well as visiting one surrounding castle or winery such as Castello di Verrazzano(open to suggestions)
    - Thursday March 30: We have a 10am reservation for a tour at Montefiorelle Winery. After that, make our way down to Panzano (visit Accademia del Buon Gusto) and Castellina in Chianti.
    - Friday April 31: Day trip to Siena, spend the full day there. Possibly stop in on Montereggoni on the way there or back?
    - Saturday April 1: Early start, stop in Montepulciano on our way south (or open to suggestions on other stopping points). Need to get to Orvieto by 12pm in order to return our rental car (spending the night there).

    Thank you!!

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    Default Honeymoon in Chianti


    Your program looks great. Personal note, Strada in Chianti is quite quaint...but not necessarily some place historic. If anything I suggest that you look at heading out of Florence to Impruneta first and then over to Greve in Chianti.

    Greve is not huge - so after you have walked around the town (and even if you stop in the museum) you will still have lots of time left over. You could easily include Panzano in your itin, another small town only minutes away from Greve. And unless you are really interested in the Museum I would leave Greve for that evening; a stroll about town, a drink and then dinner.

    Castello di Verrazzano will definitely make an impression - but you might also enjoy Viticcio, just a short walk outside of Greve.

    Here is a link for some of my personal favorite restaurants (I have eaten at all except one!)

    Unless you get up real early to see Montepulciano - you will be pushing it to be in Orvieto by 12 noon. PS I love Orvieto, be sure to check out the underground tour by the church - it is amazing!!

    Your calendar could be:

    March 29
    pick up car
    visit Impruneta
    visit Viticcio Vineyard
    evening at Greve touring town and dinner

    March 30
    breakfast in town at bar in Greve (YES)
    head towards Montefioralle for great photos and then your wine tasting
    visit San Donato in Poggio (lunch)
    Visit Castellina in Chianti
    visit Panzano (dinner in town)

    March 31
    Siena - Monteriggioni (dinner in town?) OR one of my favorite places is right off the highway exit for Monteriggioni ( http://www.bardellorso.it/ ) FUN!

    April 1st Remember you will need to be leaving Montepulciano by 10,30 to make Orvieto (and find the car rental place) by 12 noon
    it is a minimum 1 and a half drive to Montelupuciano from Greve - but the more panoramic route is well worth the extra half hour...so calculate 2 hours. (Greve, Panzano, Gaiole, Rapolano, Montepulciano)
    Maybe just do a scenic tour with a stop for a coffee - but no "real" sight seeing. And then arrive in Orvieto.

    BUON Viaggio di Nozze,

    Donna Denise

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    Default San Gimignano

    You might be able to squeeze in San Gimignano in your itinerary. It's worth the little detour.

    There are a few communes you will run into that's simply amazing



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