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Thread: Holiday 2014 , Marina di Massa

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    Default Holiday 2014 , Marina di Massa

    Hello everyone . First of all , please excuse my english ...
    So , we are invited to spent our vacation in Italy , next year ( most probably after 15 june ) in Marina di Massa . We need one nice villa ( at least 4 bedrooms , one living room , kitchen , terrace for nice evenings , and things like that ... for a great holliday ) . Virtually , we are 5 adults and 3 children ( 1 year , 5 years and 13 years ) . In any case , wi'll be maximum 6 adults and 3 children .
    I am most interested by weather ( we have 3 kids , so we need more sun and hot watter ) ; distance to the beach ( preferable very small ) , maybe a nice pool nearby ( not necesarly ) .
    Our stay will be for 6 , max 7 nights and we need only accomodation .
    I hope you can help me with some ideas , we don't need ideas for any kind of trip in the area , we just want a good vacation in Marina di Massa .
    Thank you for your help , nice evening everyone .

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    Default Holiday in Marina di Massa

    Hi Nickname77, for a stay in Marina di Massa I suggest you also to look the Hotel Stella della Versilia because he has family-friendly rooms, is located 200 meters from the sea, with garden, bar, swimming pool and many other services.

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    Ciao nickname77,

    Marina di Massa is right along the beach and the area is highly visited in the summer time. After mid June you should get really nice weather but the water might not yet be really warm, as it really depends on how the weather turns out.

    The area is dotted with a lot of hotels (see this list)more than anything but many should also offer apartments that will offer the kitchen area, maybe a shared pool and will surely be rented by the week... so if you can, make it the 7 nights so you won't have a problem.

    Marina di Massa is already in the Lunigiana area so once you're there, you might definitely want to take some trips to the nearby castles the area is known for.

    As far as villas or apartments, here are some that I found:
    http://www.villaricetro.it/ (take a look at the francesca 2 apt)

    There's a few at the top of this list that are big enough for your group:

    Then you can use the search function for the local tourism board here:

    Sorry can't offer more precise recommendations, the problem with what I found is that most have up to 3 bedrooms and not more.
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