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Thread: Easter 2012 in Florence

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    My partner and I fly into Rome late on 7th April (Easter Saturday) and we leave Rome quite early on Thursday the 12th. We basically only have 4 full days, 2 of which will be public holidays. We are currently doing a day trip to Florence on the Tuesday but then we'll only have 1 day in Rome that is not a public holiday.

    I read somewhere that there is some event in Florence on Easter Monday. I'm considering changing our trip to Easter Monday but will there be still plenty open and things to do?


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    I found details of the event, it is actually Easter Sunday. Explosion of the Cart in Piazza del Duomo, Florence, Italy

    We could possibly go Sunday as well, which day would be best?

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    Ciao Renae,

    Yes, the big event in Florence for Easter falls on Easter Sunday as you've already discovered - called the Explosion of the Cart, it is a beautiful tradition and also very popular. Piazza del Duomo gets pretty packed as well but it is a must-see if you're here. The procession that accompanies the cart from the SS Apostoli church to Piazza Duomo is also very colorful and fun to watch.

    Here in Florence, with the Explosion of the Cart on Sunday and Easter Monday being a holiday, many many shops and restaurants and museums remain open. So if you can make it on Sunday, that would be the best day, but also Monday is fine - you can visit at least a museum and walk around and enjoy the sights and views.

    Have a great Easter week in Italy!!
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